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Ultra Shoot Soccer [Game for iOS / Android] released


We have released a horse racing action game “Ultra Shoot Soccer” for iOS / Android.

This game is a soccer game with action elements where you choose your favorite country and control the players to win the tournament.

There is no complicated operation, and it is characterized by being a soccer game that can be played simply and easily.
You can aim to win the World Cup by operating the players with your own hands.

Features of Ultra Shoot Soccer

  • Easy operation and intuitive play! Control the team of your favorite country, win the tournament, and lead your team to victory!
  • Easy to play for free, no doubt you will be addicted
  • A must-see for soccer game lovers! Playing 32 countries that participated in the World Cup will appear, so it’s great to play. More countries will be added in the future!
  • History such as the number of wins and the number of appearances remains, and there are fun and replay elements that can acquire ranks!


Download for iPhone/iPad
Download for Android

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