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The Jockey [Game for iOS / Android] released


We have released a horse racing game “The Jockey” for iOS / Android.

In this action-packed horse racing game, players take on the role of a jockey, controlling a horse to win races.

The controls are simple, but the game is characterized by the depth of the game, such as positioning and timing the horse to make a move in the last straight line.

Winning a G1 race will give you a new horse, and you can keep a history of which races you have won, so you can aim to conquer all races.

Game Features

  • This is an action racing horse racing game where you can enjoy realistic horse races.
  • A total of over 500 GI horses are available for you to play! You can experience realistic racing for free!

Game Attraction

  • Players can become a jockey and experience realistic horse racing!
  • You can play high quality horse racing games for free! You can enjoy 3D realistic graphics!
  • Whether you like horse racing or not, anyone can enjoy this racing game.
  • Easy even for beginners! You can set the difficulty level to suit you.
  • Each race lasts only 1-2 minutes, or a little over 3 minutes at the most. You can comfortably play in your spare time.

Easy operation that anyone can play!

  • Simply control your horse by adjusting its speed with the whip and rein buttons!
  • You can also enjoy the strategic fun as the stretch of the last straight line changes depending on your position and pace!
  • Anyone can enjoy the game by adjusting the difficulty level in 5 levels.
  • You can also enjoy in-depth fun with features such as the ability to match generations of rival horses!

Replay function makes the race more exciting!

  • You can watch a replay of your race with live commentary!
  • You can enjoy your race twice after playing it!

Many races to choose from! Complete reproduction of G1, G2, and G3 races in Japan!

  • The Jockey reproduces all of the following Central Japan horse racing tracks.
  • Tokyo Racecourse, Nakayama Racecourse, Kyoto Racecourse, Hanshin Racecourse, Chukyo Racecourse, Sapporo Racecourse, Hakodate Racecourse, Niigata Racecourse, Fukushima Racecourse, Kokura Racecourse
  • Both turf and dirt tracks are fully reproduced with G1, GII, and GIII races, allowing you to enjoy many races.
  • You can also run in overseas races if you meet the requirements.

You can win races and increase the number of horses you own!

  • You can increase the number of horses you own by winning G1 races.
  • Many horses are registered! You can experience realistic horse racing.

You can see the race history and there is a stacking factor.

  • You can see your horse’s race results and your performance as a jockey!
  • You can see a list of races won, which will motivate you to conquer all the races!
  • You can also see the hidden races by conquering them!

Free of charge

  • It’s free and anyone can enjoy it! (with ads)


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