Written by Ultimate Studio

Updated “Action Horse Game” to version 1.4


The following contents have been updated.

  • Easy mode function added
  • Fixed a bug that caused game progress to stop in the middle of the game in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the game from working properly in European languages
  • Multilingual support
    *Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, German
  • Fixed a bug that the horse history screen remained unclosed in some cases.
  • Tweaked tutorial to make it multilingual
  • Fixed a bug that the character becomes “?” in Thai
  • Fixed minor bugs

About the Easy Mode Function

The Easy Mode function can be changed from the top “Settings” menu.
By turning on Easy Mode, the “Positioning” function (the item that changes from green to yellow to red) is disabled, allowing you to enjoy the game more easily. If you find the game too difficult, we recommend turning on the Easy Mode function.


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